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Carlton Draught - Beer Chase

 Don't just leave your Carlton Draught on the table when...

It's Oktoberfest. ROCK OUT!

Guys, It's Oktoberfest. ROCK OUT!

80 Percent Of Roommates Got So Drunk Last Night

Just 80% huh. Sounds like 20% are lying.

Ultimate Drunk People

Time is never wasted when youre wasted all the time.

Fast Beer Boots Drinkers

It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I...

Funny Drunk Monkeys

Monkey: "They told me I could be anything I wanted, so I became...

Robin Williams - Live At The Met - Alcohol/Marijuana

Robin: " She yelling like crazy, and I thinking, I got to get...

Funny Drunk Pranks

When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall...

I Surprise My Liver!!

That's when you make beer the universal solvent.

Learn The Language Of Beer

Learn the language of beer with this infographic.



A little bird's sound advice to Snow White

"A little bird told me to reject the old woman's apple,...

Synonyms For Drunk

A bit on A couple of chapters into the novel A public mess A...

"Here's to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to all of life's problems."
Homer Simpson

Colorado, The Nirvana of beer

An infographic depicting facts about the Nirvana of beer,...

Battleshots Rules

Description Battleshots is pretty similar to the board game...

Beer-Battered Potato Wedges Recipe

●Prep: 25 min. Cook: 5 min./batch ●Yield: 8...

Get In The Llama

Guys, no questions asked.....Get in the Llama!!

The Price Of Being A Penguin-Look-Alike

Two drunk Americans were speeding down a deserted road in the...

An Ocean Of Beer And A Moron Friend

Two frat boys were lost at sea aboard a life raft. On the...

Gorilla Has 5 Bucks

A gorilla walks into a pub, pulls up a stool, and orders...

Grasshoppers Have Names Too!!

A grasshopper walks into a pub, pulls up a stool, and orders...

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