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Quarters Rules

Posted on August 2, 2012 by Apple There have been 0 comments


The original Quarters! This isn't the most intense of games, but its simplicity and long history make it a crowd pleaser. And it's always entertaining watching people get flustered trying to bounce a quarter.



  • 2 Quarter
  • 2 Shot glasses or tumblers
  • 1 Tall Glass or Beer Boot



Fill the tall glass or beer boot halfway with beer and place in the middle of the table. The quarters and glasses start on opposite sides of the table. Each player attempts to bounce their quarter into their glass and then passes them to the player on their left. The object of the game is to make sure that the player to ones right never makes his/her quarter first. Should this occur, the loser must drink the glass of beer from the middle, refill it, and make their quarter before the other quarter makes its way around again. If a player makes the quarter on the first bounce, they may pass the glass to any player without one.

Important disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. There is a likelihood of taking lots of shots in this game, so don't be stupid.  These shots do not need to be and should not be straight liquor as that could impair you greatly or.kill you dead.  Please consider drinking virgin drinks, beer, water, or diluted cocktails.  Either way stay safe, healthy, & hydrated, and most importantly don't be a fucking idiot.:)

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