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Beer Jenga Rules

Posted on August 2, 2012 by Apple There have been 0 comments


If you thought this game was hard sober, just wait till you try it after a few beers.


  • The game Jenga
  • A pen



Mark 6 Jenga pieces with each of the following rules:

  • Give 2 drinks
  • Give 1 drink
  • Take 1 drink
  • Take 2 drinks
  • Take 5 drinks
  • Finish your drink
  • Waterfall
  • Girls drink
  • Guys drink



The game follows the regular rules of Jenga. Each player takes a turn removing a block using only 1 hand. If the block is successfully removed, the rule on the block is followed. If the tower crashes, the player must finish their drink and then pick 3 blocks to follow.


Important disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. There is a likelihood of taking lots of shots in this game, so don't be stupid.  These shots do not need to be and should not be straight liquor as that could impair you greatly or.kill you dead.  Please consider drinking virgin drinks, beer, water, or diluted cocktails.  Either way stay safe, healthy, & hydrated, and most importantly don't be a fucking idiot.:)

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